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The Participants:
Gal Klein - Berlin

Israeli singer-songwriter living in Berlin


Liz Barak - Israel

Born in Israel, educated at Berklee College of Music, Liz Barak has a long milage as a singer-songwriter and a gypsy. At age 19 she moved to London and played dozens of clubs, bars and tube stations and eventually was signed for a brief while at East-West records. She returned to Israel a couple of years later and worked as a hired singer for different television productions and recorded her debut album "Pretty Wrap" with one of Israel's biggest music producers. The album's first single, "Princess and a Prince" hit number one on the Israeli charts. She then moved to Boston to study at Berklee, focusing on music production and classical music. She moved on after graduation to Amsterdam for her Master's degree in Composition where she also started working as a FOH audio engineer and performing many little clubs and bars around the city. She then moved back to Israel for a year and then moved yet again to Berlin, Germany. In Berlin, she kept on performing and recorded her second album. She also toured around Germany and Austria as audio engineer with a grand circus. She then took a 3-year break from music and performing and wrote a novel about a young singer-songwriter living in London during the late 90's, inspired by some of her London adventures. 





Shotgun Tori - South Africa
tori 2.jpg

Lo-fi indie songwriter and singer of folk songs, Shotgun Tori, writes songs because she can’t not. A passionate performer, her sweet road-worn vocals encapsulate the human experience. Music for real people, deep feelers and lovers of the light.

Influenced by Leonard Cohen, Ani Di Dranco, Martha Wainwright & Ryan Adams, she hails from Johannesburg, SA and has performed her heart songs in dive bars in London, coffee shops in Amsterdam, intimate cafes in Cape Town, rooftops in Namibia, beach bars in Mozambique, festival stages all over South Africa and on the steps of a castle in France.

Instegram: @shotguntori

Facebook: @shotguntori

Twitter: @shotguntori


Noa Evron - Israel

Noa Evron is a singer - songwriter, composer, and a guitar player based in Israel. She is currently studying at "Rimon School of Music".
Her first single "Origami" was released 2 months ago, as a part of an amazing album called "ISOLATED", available on all platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and ets.)  


Gaya Yona - Israel

Gaya composed her first song at the age of 15 and ever since she knew she had a second being made from music. She's been performing for years on small and smoky stages in Tel Aviv and around Israel, has a BA in Theater and Psychology, had a band, recorded a debut album and then shredded it, got better and currently cooking her next album which is inspired by Jeff Buckley and Patrick Watson and is about to release her debut EP.

In the passing year, Gaya has been performing with Israeli singer-songwriter, Chemi Rudner.




Lee Caspi - Berlin
(Credit photo- Ronny Zeisberg)
Lee by Ronny Zeisberg.jpg

Israeli Cellist and arranger living in Berlin, performing big stages, and touring Germany and Europe.

Instagram: @caspilee


Dana Barazan - Israel
(Credit photo - Matt Wong)

Dana holds M.Mus in music performance from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Although Dana got her violin training as a classical musician, she performs in different styles and genres and she is also a member of Jerusalem Orchestra East & West.


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